Why should you get a swaddling blanket for your baby?

Swaddling Your Baby

A simple solution to help your baby sleep

There are cribs, special beds and a lot many things that you can get for babies these days. However, nothing works better in helping them sleep then a swaddling blanket. As the name suggests, these blankets give babies a snug and warmfeeling, much like the close-quarters of the womb, that prevent startle reflexes, helping them sleep in a comfortable and cozy environment.

The advantages of swaddling

From their birth, babies are used to sleeping in a rather cramped surrounding.

surrounding. Researchers have suggested that recreating these conditions helps babies to adjust better to life outside the womb, as well as sleep well. In fact, such is the proof behind the benefits that come with swaddling that many hospitals are also instructing parents on how they can swaddle their newborns, to help them sleep better. However, for parents, this may be a little hard to do, since you do not need to do it too hard.

This is where usingusing a swaddling blanket comes across as the right thing to do. It emulates the womb, helping avoid the startling effect in babies that disrupts their sleep. It self-soothes the baby and helps him/her sleep peacefully in a snug environment. It also makes it easier for the mother since she does not have to deal with the flailing infant limbs, caused due to lack of motor control in newborn babies.

What to look for while shopping for swaddling blankets

Once you have decided to go through with the purchase of swaddling blankets, what kind to look for and buy is the next thing in mind. There are different kinds of blankets made using an array of materials, and you will also find almost any size imaginable as well. You will need a blanket that is not too small, so as to make your baby uncomfortable, but it should not be so large that it disrupts the blanket s basic propose as well.

Select a warm and soft fabric that does not irritates the baby s skin. Newborns have a sensitive skin, and you will want only the softest of fabric to ensure that they are comfortable in it. Now days, there is endless variety in terms of all baby products, and swaddling blankets are not far behind. With just these few factors taken into consideration, you can be sure of finding a great swaddling blanket for your baby.

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