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Hotels are considered as the luxurious place in the world and they are more famous as people get a better sleep in hotels. When sleep is associated the forts thing that comes in mind is the hotel mattress. The size of the beds are the one who representthe class of that room and the beds has parts mattress which is laid on springs, springs that provide support and the frames which are for the support of spring and mattress. The mattress provides comfort and extra padding to

to the one who sleeps.

It is the job of the housekeeper that he makes the correct choice for the mattress as the three things are linked with each other and work with each other. They work together and then provide a comfortable and durable atmosphere. It is also easy to maintain the bed. If the beds are chosen of poor quality then the sag will get damaged in short period of time. It needs to be then replaced frequently.frequently. If the bed is chosen wrongly then it can create the guests to complaint against the hotel. The bed is considered most important part at the end of the day and the hotel mattress should leave a good experience for the clients.

Hotel mattress

The springs provide the durability and resiliency to the bed and there are different types of springs. The box springs are mounted with wood frame and they are covered with padding. The metal coil springs are in two layers. The springs are coiled tightly and the flat bed springs are the ones in which the metals are attached with frame. The box and metal coil springs are recommended by people.

There is variety of hotel mattress and the common types that are used in hotels are the inner spring which has the inner layer of springs. The springs between two layers and there is foam and padding. The other type of mattress is latex mattress and it is made from synthetic rubber foam. The other materials are made from coir fiber, cotton and kapok. The frame has the purpose of supporting the mattress and the spring. It contains four metal bars which are joined at corners and it makes the rectangular frame. It is more preferred by the hotels and the box frame contains the box of solid wood and the steel bars. Other advantage of the box frame is to sit on floor and under them the cleaning process is easy.

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