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Winter is here and it s time to bring out the warm blankets. Some people cannot bear the cold and have to resort to piling on layers of warm clothing. The extreme cold can be life threatening too. Sometimes it not the weather that is the culprit. People who haveundergone surgeries have succumbed to cold even though the surgery went well. With the practice of draping warmed blankets on the patients before and after surgeries such fatalities have been averted.

Warm blankets to the rescue

Warm blankets as the

the name suggests retain the bodily warmth and prevent a person from being a victim of hypothermia a dangerous condition. Hospitals have come up with a solution by draping the patient in warmed blankets before, during and after surgery. This prevents the loss of body heat and enables quick recovery of health. For those who generally cannot tolerate the dipping mercury, warm blanket is a good potion for them to in winter with comfort and save.

Types of warm blankets


Warm blankets are available in many types. The most common being the very heavy blanket made of wool. Some blankets comprise of a combination of wool and fur. These trap the heat inside and keep the body warm. Being made of natural material, these blankets are breathable and are very comfortable to use. There are combinations of cotton and fur or cotton and faux fur, silk and fur, etc. the most popular and easy to use is the electric blanket. The new entrant is the cotton fiber coated with nano particles of silver. These blankets trap up to of the body heat, thus keeping you warm. Another more inexpensive way of keeping warm is the electric blanket. This blanket has thin wires running through it and has to be plugged in. The blanket gets heated up due to the electricity passing through it. The silver nano particle blanket also uses electricity to maintain the heat and temperature of the body.


Most natural fiber blankets can be washed. Some of them require professional care or dry cleaning, especially the silk blankets otherwise their durability get reduced. The cotton blankets can be washed at home. It is the electric blankets that require a lot of professional care since they have electrical wires running through them. The silver nano cotton blankets also need professional help in cleaning and maintaining them.

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