Use fleece tie blankets for comfort

How to Make a Tied Fleece Blanket: 10

Fleece tie blankets are warm soft and comforting. These can be easily made by each of us. To make Fleece tie blanket you can take two fleece blankets in colors that complement each other. What you require is . or yards of each fleece to help make fleece tie blankets.Spread them so that the softer or more brightly colored side faces out. Match them at one end and sides as they lie flat. Consider the area available to spread out the fleece. You can use the kitchen table or

or the dining table if the area is not enough and you have difficulty in crawling on the floor around the material.

When you are trying to cut to make the ties the strips need to be or inches long along the sides. Cut out a rectangle from both corners. Cut strips of inch from each corner down the end and sides for as long as the material is flat. Tie the corner strips together using the top layer andand the bottom layer. Tighten the knot. Tie the strips at the ends between the two corners in the same way. Stretch out the material using your flat hand. Tie the strips down each side the length of the fleece. Continue cutting the strips and tying till the whole fleece blanket is complete and use it to give you the comfort you deserve.

Benefits of Fleece Tie Blankets

If you are looking for something cozy and comfortable and eco friendly then there is nothing better than fleece fabric. Although fleece was used as outdoor clothing it is now being used for everything from mittens, hats, blankets and jackets. It is ideal as it won t pill and form small balls on the fabric. Since it does not unravel and fray it is perfect for use for the whole family. Polar fleece fabric has two sided pile means it looks the same on both sides. It is strong, warm and dries fast so it is comfortable for outdoor use.

The Making of Fleece Fabric

Fleece fabric is actually a polyester made by combining two petroleum derivatives at high temperature to form a polymer. The polymer is cooled to thick syrup which is then passed through a metal with tiny holes called spinneret. As this polymer comes in contact with air it cools and hardens into long strings. The strings are woven into yarns and knitted into cloth. This cloth is then passed through a machine called napper where the surface of the fabric is raised by bristles.

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