Tips in buying a candlewick bedspread

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The candlewick design pattern is a type of knotting technique where limited sewing supplies are used to sew a piece of cloth as well as bring out some decorative edge to the cloth. This brings out a traditional or vintage aura to the cloth. Many people today are drawn tothe candlewick bedspread but are at a loss as to how to select the perfect one that will suit their needs. Here are a few tips on how to go about selecting one.

  • What are your needs

Why do you need to buy a candlestick bedspread It may be that you love the pattern or design or that you need it for the warmth it will provide. You should also factor in whether you will be using it occasionally or on a regular basis.

  • Pattern/Design

Though all of the candlewick bedspread are vintage, they come in various patterns or designs, depending o the knotting technique used on the bedspread. Some of the patterns usedused will be simple while others will be intricate. You may want to first check your bedroom d cor theme before choosing the bedspread.

  • Color

Candlewick bedspreads come in a variety of colors like white, grey, and beige among others. You may choose to match the color with that of your furniture or to compliment the color of the furniture with that of the bedspread, and so on. Just be sure that the colors will be in harmony when used together.

  • Fabric

Unlike other bedcovers which have layers as well as fillings, the candlewick bedspread lacks these fillings. The bedspread can thus be made of pure natural fiber such as cotton or a mix of synthetic and some natural fibers. Selecting the best fabric will depend on how comfortable it will make you be at night as well as how easy it will be to wash the bedspread. You can also factor in things like allergies to certain fabrics as well as how cool or warm the fabric will meet to your needs.

  • Dimensions

It is always good practice to buy a candlewick bedspread that will fit your bed properly. Since this is a bedspread and not a coverlet, it should thus fully fit the bed and cover it appropriately. Buy the bedspread that will best suit your bed and mattress size, be it a twin bed, queen bed or a king sized bed.

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