Throw pillows – tips on buying the right ones

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The pillows give a very cozy and comfortable outlook to any house, more specifically any room. Especially after long tiring day, the presence of pillows gives one the comfort in mind and body. The most common pillows that find their application in almost all the rooms of a house arethe throw pillows. The throw pillows are the most versatile among the pillows, which could be used on any furniture. The living room couches or the sectional sofas are the ones which utilize them most to draw out attention from

from the seating point of view, however they could also be used on chairs, beds and floors.

Considering the important role the throw pillows play in the interior decoration of the house, it s important for one to buy the right ones for the right purpose. Here are some of the tips for buying the right pillow.

The Shape and Size

The throw pillows are known to have different shapes and sizes. The most common ones are square in shapeshape and are known to have flanges along the edges. They come in some bold patterns and colors. It gets important for one to decide on the right pattern and size depending on where one wants to use it. The other type of pillow is the bolster pillow, which has a cylindrical shape. This is not as common as the flanged pillows.

The Material

The material is an important aspect to consider before to deciding to buy on the throw pillows. Being the most favored option, they come in a wide range of option in terms of materials. Some of the most common materials are,

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Polyester
  • Satin
  • Silk

Each of these materials have their own pros and cons. For example, cotton is a natural fiber and is the most preferred one among all the other materials. They can also be washed easily with hands or in the machine, however if one is not careful washing in hot water could shrink them. Materials like velvet cannot be washed easily and need the expertise of a professional when it comes to cleaning.

The D cor

The final consideration for buying the right throw pillows is their application. The fact that these pillows are versatile could pose problems in deciding on the right place to use them. The flanged pillows could be used in both the living rooms and the bedrooms. When using in the living rooms, one must be vary of the right size to be used when using it for the couch. Similarly the size would vary if one decides to use them on the chairs or simply on the floors.

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