The power of a simple lifestyle change like using a wedge pillow

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What is GERD and what can a pillow do about it

GERD or Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease is what happens when acid reflux as well as heartburn occurs regularly, especially after a spicy or large meal. If you experience these symptoms at least twice a week, then chances are thatyou are suffering from GERD. While this is most common after large meals, it can occur even that is not the case. Lying down immediately after eating is one of the major causes of GERD. This is where using a

a special kind of pillow, known as a wedge pillow, can help you cure it. While there are many prescription medicines and antacids that can help in controlling GERD, using this special pillow is a simple lifestyle change that is effective in doing the same.

How does a wedge pillow work

In people who sleep on their backs, the acid can leak from the stomach and go into the esophagus rather easily when they sleep on a standardstandard pillow. In contrast to that, using a wedge pillow slightly elevates their upper body, i.e. the head, shoulders as well as torso, which prevents this from happening. It decreases the effect of gravity on the stomach contents, which would otherwise have come back up.

Those looking for relief can use a wedge pillow while sleeping on their back or even on the side, without any discomfort or tension in the back and neck. The standard elevation for most pillows is in the range of and degrees, or to inches. These pillows are sturdy and designed ergonomically. The best part about using a wedge pillow is that despite its effectiveness, it does not have any side effects or risks associated with its use, unlike other treatment methods and medications.

What the experts have to say about wedge pillows

The leading experts in the field have stated that elevating your upper body while sleeping is one of the most effective lifestyle changes, as far as curing GERD goes. As previously mentioned, you need not make any other changes or take precautions while choosing this method, unlike medications and antacids. Experts from the Mayo Clinic state that inserting a wedge between the box spring and your mattress for elevating your upper body helps cut down GERD symptoms by a large extent.

An ordinary pillow is not only uncomfortable, but also a promoter of GERD symptoms. Thus, to sleep better and have less discomfort at night, use a special wedge pillow, and witness the benefits right away

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