The know – how on magnetic mattress pads

Magnetic mattress pads are a new innovation that alleges to help alleviate pain during sleep. This pain may be caused by conditions such as arthritis, and back pain. It is also believed that the magnetic field in the magnetic mattress pads can help relieve insomnia, joint pain, migraine and even

lupus. Thus, most people who buy the magnetic mattress pads are likely suffering from either one of these ailments.

How it Works

The magnetic mattress is a mattress pad cover that comprises magnets. The magnets are laid in strips of

of circular or square magnets which are then sewn into the pad s fabric. These strips can either be or in number and are given a rating of between and , gauss. This is what will determine just how strong the magnetic force of the pad will be.

It is believed that when the magnets come into contact with a specific part of the body, the blood flow in this part increases. This force will thus attract iron in thethe blood help relax the capillary walls, and also surround the connective tissues and muscles. This effect is what is believed to be the cause for relief as the increased blood flow brings needed nutrients to the ailing body parts, thereby cooling the pain.

Is It Safe

Though researchers are yet to prove the effectiveness of the magnetic mattress pads, it has been stated that the pads are completely safe to use under recommended circumstances without any negative side-effects. The FDA has also allowed manufacturers to use the claim that the magnetic mattress pads offer pain relief on their advertisements and on their packaging.

Who is not recommended to Use the Magnetic Mattress Pads

Pregnant women and infants are not recommended to use the magnetic mattress pads. Those who use electronic medical devices or wear pacemakers are also not supposed to use the magnetic pads.

Apart from these, you are also not supposed to use the magnetic pads near sensitive organs like the heart and brain over long periods of time. It is also recommended that you first visit a magnetic therapy medical practitioner before you start using the magnetic pads.

Before you go out to shop for the mattress pads, it is advisable that you first assess whether you will need to use the pads. It will also be beneficial to check on the available information on the effectiveness of the negative and positive poles of the magnets as these may affect how they will work on your body parts that they come into contact with.

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