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JBFF Bed in Bag Luxury Stripe Microfiber Comforter Set

Today a microfiber comforter in stores goes for between twenty-five and thirty-five dollars on average. Which is surprisingly cheap compared to any other type. Of course there are a lot of complaints circulating around the quality of anything made out of microfiber, because to some people cotton is king however,microfiber has changed a lot since it first became available and is not what most rumor it to be.

Why Microfiber is better

Microfiber is a manmade material consisting of polyester and a few other fibers, which of course creates

creates controversy amongst buyers, but it is the same fiber used to fill many pillows, when you opt out of a down pillow due to allergies. No longer is microfiber the old Dracon Polyester of the s, which was stiff and not breathable. Instead it is a polyester blended with cotton, which work together to make a sturdy, dependable, stain resistant fabric, all while remaining comfy.

As to which is more comfortable is strictly a matter of opinion. Some preferprefer the smooth, soft t-shit like quality of the microfiber, while other prefer the live in cooling effect of the microfiber. Also Microfiber comforters are used mainly in spring and autumn, sometimes even summer, when days are hot but nights cool down. Microfiber is thin enough to breath while still feeling insulated for colder temperatures. Cotton is almost always strictly used for winter as it is not as breathable, and holds in more body heat.


Surprisingly one single strand of microfiber polyester is times finer than a human hair. Making microfiber one of the most breathable fabrics around, and also helping it to resist stretching and wear over time. Cotton sheets shrink and pill the forming of small beads of fabric over the surface. And are also quicker to wear out, and tear. Whereas microfiber lasts several years past a cotton option. Cotton also has a tendency to shrink, and wrinkle with repeated washes, because microfiber is pre-shrunk this is not a problem with a Microfiber option.


Perhaps the most selling thing about a microfiber option is the price. These comforters run about eighty to one hundred and fifty dollars less than other option. Making them by far the most affordable option. They also come in a variety of colors, patterns, and thickness. The comforter is universally the most popular bed dressing option for its variety and the fact that it is easy to change the look of a room just by changing the comforter.

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