Stately queen mattresses

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A good night s sleep is the pill for most ills. God sleep is governed by many factors the foremost of them being comfort which in turn depends up on the space available. A mattress that is wider and longer than the space require by the body, allows for aircirculation and free movement. Such a condition is satisfied by a mattress that is of either king or queen size.

The right size

The first thing that you would need to do is check the size and measurements of the

the mattress. The mattress should be a little smaller than the bed to be able to fit in to the frame of the bed comfortably. Most mattresses are of standard measurements and will fit in to the frame of most beds. If the bed is custom made then you will have to be more careful about the size so that you don t end up with a mattress that is oozing out form the sides of the bed or oneone that leaves a gap at the side making it possible for the mattress to keep shifting every time you move


Mattress today boast of various materials like foam, coir, memory foam, spring, horse hair, latex foam, spring coil, steel gauge and the traditional cotton. The best option would be the one that is breathable and allows air circulation. All natural fibers are breathable and the safest options. Horse hair has the ability to nick moisture and thereby prevent build up of mold and other allergens. Coir is firm and lends good support to the body.


The mattresses are built in different styles. The most important factor that one should look for is the ability of the material to hold the form without bundling up. Cotton mattresses have a tendency to bundle up over time and will require change or re-fluffing. The foam mattresses are built either entirely of foam or with a combination of other materials like the spring or the coir. The use of coir lends firmness to the foam mattress. This depends on the amount of coir used. Such mattresses have prolonged longevity. The coir allows for air circulation and lends a firm support to the spine and the body. The spring coiled mattresses have air pockets built in between the springs. If not built properly, these can be very uncomfortable. The memory foam mattresses, true to their name, sink in according to the body frame and do not bounce back. This provides support to the spine and makes for a good night s sleep.

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