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Dennise Platform Bed

The traditional beds with their bulky frames do have an old world charm about them. They are charming, elegant and immensely inviting. All that is true, but, they do occupy a lot do space and owing to their bulkiness, they seem to crowd the place and make it look crammed.After a while you start craving for some breezy light furniture that s light on the eye and has a fresh appeal.

Modern beds

The modern beds use bed frames that are light and multi- functional. The frames are of

of various kinds like the foundation bed, the platform bed, box spring to name a few. The foundation bed is structured like a box grid. It has a box base made of panels which provide a flat surface for the mattress which is placed on slats. The slats are made of wood, metal o fabric. The fabric slats have the tendency to sag on account of the weight or the mattress. The metal slats can at times be noisy. TheThe safest and the most durable ones are the ones with the wooden slats made of plywood or MDF boards. They are sturdy and long lasting as they are not too flexible. The platform beds are totally fussed free. They provide a flat surface of the mattress and have absolutely no give or flex. Being of low height they score better than the traditional old beds which are known for being too high requiring one to hop or climb on to the mattress. Some o the platform beds have an all around the protrusion which can double up as a seat or a side table or just a foot rest.


The modern beds come in the DIY kit forms and you can assemble them at your convenience. They are knock down furniture which is factory made to standard specifications. They adhere to the Allen key or the nut-bolt system of assembly. The panels and all the parts come number coordinated and can be easily put together following the simple instructions.


The modern bed frames look light and do not have a bulky frame. They are characterized by the neat lines and exude a light and airy feeling. They lend a sense of space to the room and make it seem spacious. They are most suitable for smaller rooms where space is an issue. They are aesthetic and versatile as most of them have multiple functions. As the minimalist look is in, the modern bed frames are the answer to all woes.

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