No sew blanket – make you own

How to Make No-Sew Fleece Blankets with a
How to Make a No Sew Fleece Blanket with Braided Edge

The below mentioned is the step by step instruction that will allow you to make your own no sew blanket. The blanket can be of any size. One thing you need to know is that the end product will be almost inches smaller.

Choose the fabric:

The first thing forsure is choosing the fabric. You need to choose the print and matching solid as well. The choice of the contrasts is solely yours. It all depends on your personal preferences.

Line up two pieces:

After that you need to

to line up the fabrics with the right sides out. You need to go with the side that you feel is beautiful or the one which attracts you. There are anti pill solids as well. The best thing about these is that very much distinct.

Trim to same size:

After that you need to take care that both the pieces are trimmed to exactly the same size. It is necessary for the good and attractive look of the blanket. IfIf you are unable to do this, not only the blanket will look awkward, it will also make you feel uncomfortable.

Cut the corners:

The next step includes cutting the corners. You need to make sure that you are cutting at least inches from all the four corners of the blanket.

Cut the fringe:

After that you need to cut fringe on all sides of blankets. You need to cut through the layers at once. The width of the pieces should be reasonable.

Tying the knots:

The next step includes tying the knots. In order to complete this step you need to leave the blanket as it is so that all the fringes are lined up. It is actually an easy to start from where you left instead of organizing the things again. If you are right handed, you ease will in working from left to right. The knots are also known as the balloon knots. The knots can be tied in any way you want.

At last you need to tie all the fringes together and you are finished with the job. This is the whole process of making a no sew blanket. See how simple it is. You need to take care that all the knots are not too tight or too loose. Above all, the finished blanket must be laid flat.

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