Mattress overlay for massage

EHOB Waffle Extended Care Plus Mattress Overlay with
EHOB Waffle Extended Care Plus Mattress Overlay with Pump

No bed is complete without a comfortable mattress to provide style and comfort to sleep. A mattress has the property to mold to the contours of the body to provide comfort to the backbone and relieve the pressure points from the shoulder, neck and the feet. Now mattress has beenprovided with overlay which is made of eggcrate texture which massages the body for comfortable sleep. This texture of the overlay is so built to massage the body and relieve the pressure points for restful undisturbed sleep. Foam mattress comes

comes with an overlay of eggcrate texture which provides maximum support to relieve aches and pains.

Mattress Overlays

Mattress overlays or toppers are provided to make the mattress more comfortable and to give the body the extra support for peaceful rest. These overlays can be wiped with a damp cloth and have to be kept away from sunlight and direct heat. They are well treated so that mildew and mites do not make it their home. The overlay is mademade up of a casing of brushed cotton which is filled with polyester fiber. The casing is smooth for comfortable sleep. This acts as a protector for the mattress and extends its life time. If this overlay can fit into the washing machine it can be washed with cold water and mild detergent.

How mattress overlays help in hospital beds

Mattress overlays that are used in hospitals are also known as pads. They are used to help in the circulation of the blood and to relieve pressure from joints and to prevent bed sores. These overlays are filled with gel, foam, water and air to give comfort to the patient and circulate the weight. They can be dynamic or static. Dynamic require power supply to move and change the level of support while in static the pressure level can be moved by constant inflation and the users movement.

Different mattress overlays

Today eco friendly mattress overlays have come into the market to make your night sleep more comfortable and undisturbed. The overlays in foam mattress provide comfort support and good weight distribution to relieve the pressure. The overlay or pad as it might be called is vacuum packed and requires around hours to get into shape. Air Mattress overlay which is, static premium guard helps in preventing bed sores in people in hospital and home. This is built with air flow holes to prevent build up of fluid and an emergency valve to deflate. Overlays can also be connected to pumps to relieve pressure and provide the user with maximum support.

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