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A mattress is the key to comfortable sleeping and a healthy life. It is very important to find a mattress that is comfortable and made of natural fibers that can give you a good night s sleep. Mattresses are made of different materials like memory foam, cotton, latex, spring coilswith memory foam and the likes. An ideal mattress is one that allows you free movement and while you sleep. The mattress should be firm not to allow movement transmission if your partner moves. The best mattress is one made

made of natural fibers like cotton, soybean or latex which are not chemically treated.

The Mattress Factory

The Mattress factory located here has a number of factories and locations situated at different places providing mattresses with the comfort of the customers in mind. The mattresses provided by this factory include, twin, twin XL, queen size, king size and Cal King mattresses. They work to give you the best, seeing that the width, and length dimension of the mattress and thethe box springs are within the tolerance range. The aim of this company is to put quality sleep within the range of every individual. The box springs and mattresses are made by them to provide the maximum support and comfort.

The Different Brands made in America.

There are twelve brands of mattresses that we have on offer and you can have your pick to have the one best suited for you. We here strive on durability and comfort. We here provide mattresses in the modern trend from latex to memory foam and the traditional inner spring. We cater to luxury brands as well as to budget mattresses all in the same factory. The Different Brands of mattresses are Casper, Tuft and Needle, Kingsdown, Sealy, Saatva mattresses, Cozy Pure s, Stearns and Fosters and Easy Rest.

What they have to offer

Casper is the new mattress which is now being made. The foam is made in Pennsylvania and Georgia and the panels and covers are stitched in Illinois and South Carolina. Cozy Pure s makes organic mattresses of latex which are very good for health. It is based in Norfolk Virginia. Other bedding and Mattress pads are also manufactured by them. Sealy has three factories her in United States making mattresses of latex foam, gel memory foam and the inner spring mattresses which are traditional for those who enjoy sleeping on them. Easyrest makes mattresses and adjustable beds in five of the states in America. Mattress factory has branches in different states making quality mattresses.

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