Let your décor speak for you- getting personal with monogrammed blankets

Let your décor speak for you- getting personal with monogrammed blankets

Looking for personalized décor, or a housewarming gift, maybe? Nothing says personal like monograms. And when you team it with blankets, et voila! You end up with something intensely cozy, warm and personal. Monogrammed blankets are effortless and simple décor accessories yet provide a stylish, intimate and exclusive touch. Monogramming initials, names, and dates have always been used to customize décor to add a personal touch. The possibilities are endless. Take a look!

Why use monogrammed blankets?

Monogrammed blankets are the go-to gifts for babies, equally loved by their mothers, especially as christening gifts. You are not blindly buying a blanket and presenting it; you are actually putting some thought into it, which makes it all the more special. Blankets monogrammed with hearts, initials or dates can also be the perfect bedroom décor for newly-weds. Stylishly draped at the end of the bed, or on the couch, the blanket can easily add style without making it too overwhelming. They come with the functionality and versatility of blankets, and can be used anywhere and everywhere. Here is how monogrammed blankets can be used to style our homes and offices.

A personal touch to your homes

Minimalist décor is often the choice style for homes these days. Plain and formal colors and sharp designs characterize the minimalist style. Throw in a simple monogrammed blanket with initials or a quote to bring a homely feeling to the space. Blankets in shades of brown, red and grey can be a nice addition to minimally styled couches and sofas in beige. For master bedrooms, these blankets can be allowed to cover much of the lower half of the bed, with the monogram in the middle. Monogrammed blankets can also be perfect for kid and teenage bedrooms, and outdoor furniture.

A relaxed office space

Monogrammed blankets can be used to alleviate the monotonous and dull feel of an office. Drape it around chairs or the couch in the corner to make your workplace look more welcoming and comfortable. Better yet, enhance your lounge area with these simple yet stylish pieces, and you can give off good vibes to your potential clients.  Blankets for the office can be monogrammed with the company name or the logo. Colors should suit the logo, and care should be taken to ensure that it does not look too tacky. Beige, brown and grey are the colors to go for!

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