King Single Bed: A Perfect Bed For Your Teenager’s Room

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The main attraction and decoration of any bedroom is a perfect bed. You always need to choose a perfect bedsize that will suit your bedroom as well your lifestyle. A king single bed is a kind of bed that is neither too small as a single bed, nor two bigas a double bed. So this kind of bed size is very suitable for a growing teenager, who needs a little more space to accommodate comfortably with his belongings in a bed. As a teenager usually prefers to work mostly

mostly on his own bed. So king single bed size is usually preferred for a growing kid s room.

Dimension of King Single Bed:

cm by cm is the standard size for a king single bed, which is highly suitable for any teenager.

Decoration of Room Using King Single Bed:

Although king single bed takes more place to accommodate than a regular single bed but if you have a standard size bedroom you will have enough space to decoratedecorate your room with other furnitures very easily. You have usually two options perfect for decorating a room which has a king single bed.

Place the bed on the middle of the room, then at one side preferably the side which has bathroom opening place your wardrobe and dressing table or mirror and place your study or computer table and bookshelf at other side of the room.


Place the bed at one end of the room and organize other furnitures at the suitable places.

It will change the atmosphere of the room and make the room so classy if you hang a beautiful portrait or landscape scenery over the bed and use some spotlights which are focused at the picture.

Things to Keep on Mind When Purchasing a King Single Bed:

Even if you have a perfectly decorated room with your bed, but if you don t have any goodnight sleep when sleeping on it then all the effort of decorating your room with bed will go in vain.

So here s some tips to follow while purchasing a king single bed.

Get a good quality mattress for your bed even if that cost you some extra money cause afterall your comfort must be your first priority.

Before buying any mattress for your bed you must research about the companies, materials and market prices of them. Then wisely choose the best one for your good night sleep.

You can change your mattress of bed anytime but you don t usually change your bed frame for a long time. So you must think about the right kind of frame for your bed that suits your room s atmosphere well and then buy it.

So change the looks of your or your kid s room with a perfect king single bed.

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