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Mattress and More is a family business based in Hamburg in New York. It is a discount mattress and furniture business that offers you different types of mattresses and furniture in different brands. Apart from its base, the business also has stores in many other locations including West Seneca, Angola,East Aurora and Eden among many other locations.

You can only expect to buy quality mattress when you buy from any of the outlets considering the fact that it is a family business with a detailed knowledge of both mattresses

mattresses and furniture. The stores stock some of the most popular mattress brands including Serta, Pure Talalay and Boyd Specialty Sleep among other brands.

Level of Service

It is at any of the business s outlets where you can find the highest level of customer service you can find. Where else are you encouraged to come prepared to test a mattress before you part with your money You indeed have the option of coming along with your pillow to testtest whether or not a mattress meets your sleeping need. In addition to a mattress s comfort test you also have the opportunity to subject a mattress to technological test to determine whether or not it meets quality standard.

Types of Mattress

One great benefit you derive from shopping at any of the business s outlets is the fact that you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of mattress types. You have the option of choosing from innerspring, memory foam, latex foam and hybrid type of mattresses. It is also great to know that you will always have a salesperson to guide you on choosing just the right type of mattress including educating you on the differences that exist in coils used on innerspring mattresses.


It is not necessary that you pay in full for a mattress when you need to buy a high quality mattress. Mattress and More has partnered with both Wells Fargo and Progressive to make it easy for you to have just the right type and size of mattress regardless of the cost involved.

Wells Fargo financing is available with zero percent APR for up to months when you choose a mattress of , and above. You also have access to financing with zero percent APR for up to months for a mattress of , .

On the other hand, Progressive financing does not take into account your level of credit score. You only need to have a bank account, prove that you receive an income and you have been with an employer for at least six months. Whichever the case, application process is quick and you can have your application approved within minutes.


There is really nothing great as having a guarantee on a mattress that you purchase because it may turn out not to be the right mattress for you. Mattress and More offers a Comfort Guarantee on all its premium mattresses and beddings. This makes it possible for you to return a mattress and receive another that will best serve you. However, you must have use a mattress for at least days.

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