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Shopping for blankets is often a serious challenge to many people especially when it comes to the right color to choose. A little understanding on how different colors impact on the mind and personality can go a long way in helping you choose blankets in the right color.

Pink isa secondary color that is obtained by mixing red and white colors. Pink therefore contains the need for action that color red represents and insightfulness and potential success that color white denotes.

Pink is a feminine color and it turns

turns out that women will often choose a pink blanket over blankets in any other color.

Impact of Pink Color

Being a feminine color, pink denotes several things that impact on your mind and by extension your personality. Pink is generally considered as the color of love. The color denotes compassion, romance, affection, care, tenderness, empathy and insightfulness. It is a positive color that makes you feel warm, loving and hopeful. The color makes you develop a feeling that everythingeverything around you is okay. It makes you remain calm and alleviates feelings of resentment, anger and aggression. Sleeping under a pink blanket literally makes you feel safe, secured and re-assured. It is indeed because of its attributes that aggressive prisoners and patients are often locked up in pink rooms to calm their mind.


You are bound to come across blankets in different pink shades:

  • Rose pink This is what is often referred to as the universal color of love and unity. It is a shade that depicts maturity, femininity and intuitiveness. Blankets in this shade turn out to be soothing and reassuring.
  • Blush pink This is the shade that depicts love. It has sexual connotations and is non-threatening. However, blankets in this shade lack elements of passion and energy.
  • Salmon pink Blankets in this shade are often preferred by timid lovers simply because the shade is flattering.
  • Orchid pink Those who prefer blankets in orchid pink are often non-conformist individuals. They are simply people who prefer doing things in their own way.
  • Hot pink Hot pink blankets turn out to be the most popular. This is because this shade makes you passionate and full of sensual love. You literally feel warm, happy and reassured.
  • Fuchsia pink This is a shade made up of deep pink and blue. In addition to love, blankets in this shade make you feel mature and responsible.


Although a pink blanket can be very beneficial to you, the color can impact on your personality negatively. You are bound to feel weak, over cautious, be na ve, over emotional and feel immature.

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