How to use purple blankets to jazz up your décor

14 cute decor ideas that will make your dull uni bedroom instantly better

The association of purple with royalty is not just a reference to its expensive extraction process. Just like royalty, the color itself imparts an elegant and commanding impression. Purple offers an extensive array of tones and shades, each of which can add a different personality to a room or livingspace. You can achieve a regal and aristocratic look with a dark shade of purple, or a charming, comfortable, and demure environment with the softer tones. A dash of purple is enough to add drama to a room, like a

a purple blanket. How can we use it to transform the appearance of a room Read on to find out

Pomp and Passion

Deeper shades of purple impart an imperial look to rooms and living spaces, and symbolize luxury and wealth. These shades are often teamed with heavy and luxury fabrics like velvet. An aubergine blanket can be a perfect addition to a plush grey couch or sofa or grey bedding, set against a backdrop of rosewood colored Purple can also be perfectly teamed with olive or lime green throw pillows, with a grey or beige backdrop. A purple blanket with a black couch set against grey walls can be an interesting theme.

Mellow Mauve and More

Gentler tones of purple can often be misunderstood as a shade for a teenage girl s bedroom. But throw a soft purple blanket on a neutral sofa and you will be blown away by the effect. Light purples are comforting and soft, and can appeal to your senses in an understated manner. Lavender, mauve and lilac are fantastic additions to a spring-themed look. Beige, yellow and white are recommended for upholstery, bedding, curtains, etc. if your are choosing a soft purple tone. A light purple blanket can also be an elegant accessory for a bedroom decorated with pale furniture, imparting a Victorian aura to the room.

Bright and Bold

A vibrant themed room is incomplete without a purple element. If you are fond of minimalist d cor with a pop of color here and there, a blanket in purple is an ideal choice. Greens, blues and yellows work wonderfully well with bold purple, and can be used to decorate pale furniture and white or neutral sofas. Teal bedding is a perfect backdrop for a bright purple blanket folded lengthwise. Lime greens can also be teamed with purples to let the color pop out. For an interesting combination, try orange

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