How to use neck pillows for reducing neck pain?

Our 9 Best Neck Pain Support (Cervical) Pillows
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Neck pain is quite common and is experienced more in people with age. If not treated properly, it may radiate to the arms and shoulders. You may even wake up with a stiff neck and headache. Your neck needs support as you spend about one third of your lifetime inthe bed.

Protect your cervical spine with neck pillows

The cervical spine is made up of seven bones. Spongy cervical disks cushion these bones. The cervical spine is gently curved and is referred to as the lordotic cervical curve.

curve. Your spine gets stressed if your neck fails to remain in the natural position for long. Neck pain may result due to sleeping with the neck extended or bent. Neck pillows with good shape and a firm support can help in reduction of neck pain. A study has revealed that a combination of use of neck pillow and regular exercise can help effectively in relieving chronic pain in the neck.

Design of the neck pillow

Neck pillows areare specially designed to support the head and neck in a natural manner. There are several pillows available in the market that can give a good sleep and aim to reduce the pain in your neck. These are designed to offer a resting position that is more natural for the head. You can include pillows that are stuffed or foam with several materials and fiber fill. Most of these are filled with water and are inflatable. You can opt for water filled pillows as well as for inflatable ones.

Use neck pillows appropriately

Everybody has their own sleeping position. It is crucial to maintain a proper position of neck pillow while sleeping which is suitable for you. These are designed so that you can sleep on your side or on your back. It is bad to sleep on your stomach as it is not a natural sleeping position. When you sleep on your back, the pillow must be able to support your neck without letting your head tilt forward or backward.

Your nose should be aligned to the center of your body if you have the habit of sleeping on your side. Your neck can get twisted in any sleeping position that is unnatural. The twist in the neck gets translated into pain before of the uneasiness in the sleeping position. Make sure that the pillow is washable and is allergy tested so that you are promised a restful sleep.

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