How to make tie blankets

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If you find the tie blankets fascinating, this is what you need to know about them you cannot buy them. This is to say that you will have to make them for yourself. The great thing about the blankets is that you don t need to be a pro inmaking them. There are different steps that you can follow for you to be able to make an elegant design.

What you need

Before you can start the process of making the tie blankets you need to know the different

different items that you will need to ensure that the process is successful. Now, you will need to two blankets of the same material but different color and pattern. There is no right or wrong color, but you may try to choose two different design a solid colored blanket and a blanket with patterns- this will create a more elegant and unique design. You need to choose the fleece blankets as they are easy to cut and tie up. TheyThey also tend to maintain the tie for a long period of time. Well you may get tempted to choose the cotton blankets but they will end up disappointing you as they cannot maintain a tie. The other things that you will need will be the scissors and a ruler.

The different steps

  • You need to align the two blankets together. Try to combine the edges together to get the perfect alignment.
  • Once you have aligned the blankets, cut off the excess material. You will end up with a square or rectangular design.
  • Take the corners and cut off at least four inches. You need to ensure that you have measured the corners before you cut them.
  • Along the edge of the fabric, cut the strips. The blankets need to be well aligned before you cut the edges. The strips can be an one inch wide and inches long
  • Tie of the strips by making the double knots. Ensure that the blanket is flat on the ground before you tie it up.

Using the blankets

Now that you have completed the process, you can choose to use the fleece to keep warm. The other option will be to give it as a gift to a nursing mother. They will come in handy especially when breastfeeding the baby. You may also use the blankets for decoration purposes.

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