How to decorate your bedroom through vanity using a single mattress

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How to decorate your bedroom through vanity using a single mattress

Obviously being single there is no need to consider or plan for a significant other to share your bed. Making the prospect of decorating or renovating of your personal space that much more exciting and exhilarating. Being self -indulgent and an egomaniac you can now truly express your ideas andfantasies. Obviously you will have already made up your mind and created the perfect picture, upon which you must now take action. It is an art to be able be so self-conscious about one self, let alone the creativity that

that goes with being so proud of your achievements. Therefore careful consideration and much thought must go into the planning of your project being single does not mean the room has to of a certain size it is imperative that you design and take heed of your required desires. Of utmost importance, the completed project has to define who and why you are, your personality has to be the focal point in your bedroom.

The Bedroom.

Having a narcissistic auraaura or dissertation will take some doing, however large or small the space might be you can still with a bit of imagination re-model your room, as an individualist and wholly engrossed in yourself, the furniture, lighting, curtains, carpeting or tiles, as well the colors on the walls are deciding factors as to how you wish to depict yourself. A single bed and single mattress need not detract from your personality in fact by being conscious of your status you are able to be more visible in the design and how you exhibit your vanity. Your bedroom as the only place in your home where you find solace and comfort must be harmonious with your character and self-esteem.


The sanctuary that is your bedroom, your place of solitude and peace, your own private space for thought and reflections of the day gone by, depending on how you perceive this safe haven to be. It has to personify you in all ways, you are an egotist therefore be exclusive. Install designer duvet covers, sheets, your single mattress has to be comfortable, durable, and easy to maintain. Make your bedroom different as you are. As you have great self-admiration of your achievements your renovated bedroom should show it as well.


Self-admiration not being a bad trait is not always accepted as being conducive to criticisms, be that as it may you are an individual and your own person. Your style is unique to you and you alone, let it be appreciated and accepted by those who not your detractors

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