How to choose the best queen down comforter

With the dimensions of cm width cm length, Queen down comforter is truly an appealing ornament of a queen size bed. Apart from the leisure and comfort, queen down comforter serves as a hub of coziness and warmth in the chilly nights. It provides an exceptional and uninterrupted sleep experience.To choose the best queen down comforter, you need to take in account a few relevant features before you pick one. Best quality, higher thread count, greater fill power and baffled shells are usually sought in choosing the best down

down comforter.

This guide helps you in choosing the best queen down comforter that guarantee comfort, relaxation and warmth.


Down is derived from the soft internal plumage of waterfowl like geese and ducks. Natural down stands out from synthetic materials in being a three dimensional structure made of fleecy filaments that trap air and provide warmth. Down taken from a mature goose or duck is of high quality that ensures luxurious warmth a young bird offers poor down thatthat has diminished fill power and tears down easily. The most luxurious queen down comforters are loaded with down taken from the nests of the wild eider duck. The best queen down comforter should contain a minimum of ounces of down.


Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of the comforter. Queen down comforter with a higher thread count is smoother, cozier and lustrous. High quality down comforter has a thread count of more than . Thread count of to is opulence. Higher thread count prevents pieces of down to ooze out by virtue of tight woven fabric.


Design and construction of a queen down comforter determines its insulating ability. From extra light to ultra-heavy down comforters, they are established by the comforter s fill power. Fill power of to is suitable for a warm climate whereas down comforters with fill power of or greater are appropriate for chilling long winters.

Stitching pattern also contributes to insulation capacity by preventing the down from shifting. Queen down comforter which centralizes the down over the sleep zone and keep it from shifting to the edges provide warmth and comfort all night long.


Baffles are ornamental stitching pieces that segregate the top and bottom sections of the shell and obliterate pockets of entry of air. Baffles keep the down from moving and enhance overall loft of the comforter. Baffled down comforters offer more insulation that those whose shells are just sewn-through.

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