How to choose a comfort mattress

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No bed can be comfortable to for a good night s rest without a comfortable mattress. A mattress is the key to a good night s sleep. The comfort of the mattress depends on the material of which the mattress is made. The mattress should be well compressed and soft.It should be made of natural material like cotton or latex and not material which are chemically treated. Sometimes if the materials are chemically treated you get chemical odors for a few days. It is best to know the materials

materials of which the mattress is made before buying so you know it is good for you.

What is a good Mattress

A good mattress is one that is made of cotton which a natural fibre or latex which is extracted from the rubber plant. Latex that is used in the mattress is not treated with chemicals so it is perfect to give a good night rest. Latex also has open cell structure so air passes through and wickswicks away moisture. Having a latex mattress there is no problem of nose blockage and colds or any other allergies since air passes through the mattress. The mattress cools the body in the warm months and warms the body in the cold months. Since latex does not let moisture gather on the mattress no mold or mildew can make it their home.

A mattress that can give you good sleep

A mattress needs to be hypoallergenic to have a good night s sleep. When it is hypoallergenic there is no attack by allergens which makes it perfect for good rest. A mattress should be firm and comfortable so there is no motion transfer when your partner moves. A good mattress is one that moulds to the contours of the body when you sleep and relieves the pressure from the shoulders, neck and the pelvic region. If the mattress provides good comfort to your backbone than sleep will be perfect.

A latex mattress and topper

It is advisable to use mattress covers today so that the mattress is kept free of stains and spills and the covers can be comfortably washed by machine. Today mattresses are provided with twenty years warranty so proper care should be taken. If there are stains and spills on the mattress the company will not honor the warranty. Also specification mentioned in the warranty should be followed or there will be no warranty. A good mattress is one which is not attacked by dust mites. The mattress should be comfortable firm and soft so you get up relaxed and energetic to start another day.

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