Guide to buying latex foam mattress topper

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latex mattress topper

Latex is a natural material obtained from rubber tree. It is obtained in form of sap that is processed to form natural rubber that is processed and used in making various consumer products including mattresses, pillows and toppers among other products.

Toppers made of latex foam turn out to besome of the most popular in the market. This is attributed to the fact that latex foam is highly supportive, springy and responsive. Indeed a latex foam mattress topper is very effective in relieving joint pain and in relieving stress.

stress. Furthermore, toppers made of latex foam do not retain a lot of heat compared to toppers made of latex memory foam. Toppers made of latex foam also turn out to be very durable. Although that beneficial, you need to take into account three very important factors when shopping for one or several.


The density of a latex foam mattress topper informs the level of comfort and support that you obtain from using it. Foam density is generally measuredmeasured either in pounds pcf or metric terms kg/m . Generally, the higher the density of a topper the higher the support it provides. It also turns out that toppers of higher density are durable than low density toppers.

Indention Force Deflection IFD

A latex foam topper s feel is determined by its IFD. This is how firm or soft a topper is. Although most toppers are in the range of between - IFD, latex foam toppers can be in the range of between - IFD. Generally, the higher the IFD of a topper the firmer the topper.


The thickness of a topper you choose will determine how comfortable you will be when sleeping. Settle for a thick topper if you happen to sleep either on your back or your stomach. thick toppers are recommended for those who sleep on their sides.

Knowing these three important issues can help you a great deal in choosing right topper that will not only offer the comfort that you during sleep but one that is durable and will offer the necessary support that you need.

One concern that most people do have when it comes to toppers is whether or not to cover them. It is highly recommended that you cover your latex foam mattress topper with an appropriate standard mattress cover. Doing so protects the topper from spills, tear and damage.

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