Guide to buying gel mattress


Your mattress is no doubt one of the most important furniture in your home. Although constructed to last long, a time comes when you need a new mattress. It is very important that you choose a mattress that is right in all respects considering that you spend around hoursevery day sleeping. You certainly need a mattress that is comfortable and one that provides your body with the necessary support. One type of mattress that you may consider buying is a gel mattress.

Gel mattresses are mattresses that featurefeature viscoelastic material. They are similar to memory foam mattresses with the exception that they have a degree of resistance when it comes to motion transfer. They therefore turn out to be best in reducing pressure on hips and shoulders when you sleep. They are also very strong, something made possible by infusion of gel beads, which prevent you from sinking in when you sleep. They are also very beneficial when it comes to keeping your body cool since theythey allow for sufficient air flow.

Although that beneficial, walking into a mattress store can be very intimidating considering the many options available to you. The secret to choosing a mattress that features gel instead of springs or foam lies in the factors below.


The density of gel mattresses determines its weight and quality. It also determines its level of comfort and support. Since gel mattresses feature toppers, it is a good idea to ascertain the density of a topper available on a mattress, information that should be readily available on a mattress you intend to buy. A density of between and should serve you best although you may choose one with a density of if you are shopping for a durable mattress although it will at times be too warm.


Thickness of a mattress determines its level of support. Settle for a mattress that is very thick if you need a lot of support. Just like with the mattress, the topper should be thick as well. While a mattress of thickness between and inches is appropriate if you need to sleep on something firm, a mattress of thickness above inches is appropriate if you want a mattress that embraces your body when you sleep.


Size is definitely something you need to look into when shopping for a gel mattress. Like with other types of mattresses, gel mattresses are available in different sizes and one of the right size should be fit your bed perfectly well.

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