Fleece blanket for chilly weather

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Fleece Blanket is a blanket made of synthetic fiber for insulating your body from the chilly weather and winds. Fleece blanket is not made of wool but polyester fiber which is ideal for keeping people warm and comfortable during the chilly weather. There are several varieties of polyester fabric usedfor blankets the best among them is polar fleece which is used to make warm comfortable blankets. The fabric of this blanket is made of polyester yarn which is taken and twisted tightly. The fabric is brushed with rough wire

wire to tighten it and the surface is raised a bit. The raised surface is then sheared to even the material and give the blanket a soft comfortable look. All fleece blankets are made of high grade fabric which does not pill nor does it form into balls when washed. The surface texture is good enough to give you a good feel on your skin.

How good blankets can add to your comfort

Good fleece blankets come in aa wide range of textures each different from the other depending on the different ways the fabric is processed and the blanket is made. The top side of the blanket has a smooth or velvet feel while the bottom side is smoother with a texture resembling felt. Many people make their own blankets because of the ease with which fleece can be used. This fabric is liked by most because it does not unravel. There are three categories of fleece which are used in blanket making depending on the warmth the blanket maker wants to introduce in the blanket. Microfleece is the lightest used to make a light blanket which can be used under a heavy one. Hundredweight fleece is the next variety which is as heavy as a pair of sweatpants. Medium weight fleeceis used for jackets and vests and blankets used for chill.

The Benefit of Fleece for Blankets

Fleece is an ideal material for blankets because of its ratio of weight to insulation. It is comfortable and soft and very good for retaining heat. It is light and can be easily carried on backpacking trips or when not in use can be easily stored in a closet. On camping sprees this blanket keeps campers dry compared to other blankets. Fleece is not the best like some high tech material but it is very good considering the price. Fleece blanket is ideal for home, outdoors, plane or anywhere you require a soft blanket to keep out the chill. It can be washed by machine and requires low tumble dry and should be kept away from direct heat.

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