Consider these when buying a quilted bedspread

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Getting bedspreads for your bed can seem like a daunting task but is actually worth the effort, and the money. T he bedspreads help to offer your bed a cover that not only protects your bed from dust and other contaminants but also gives your bed that decorative edge. Everybodyloves a well dressed bed, and you can get a good one with these tips in buying a quilt bedspread.

What are Quilted Bedspreads

Quilt bedspreads are bed covers that are made of cloth layered in three. The first

first layer is a woven top cloth, followed by the second and middle layer which is made of batting and the third and bottom layer is another woven cloth. These three make up the quilted bedspread. The top layer is customarily sewn together from many different pieces of fabric while the bottom layer gets just one piece of fabric. These three layers are also often stitched together in a decorative manner to make up the whole quilt.

What to consider:


  • The filling

Most of the filling can either be natural or synthetic. These fillings can affect how you will care for them as well as will affect your health if you have allergies. Cotton, for example is perfect for allergy sufferers as it has no impurities while wool filling help regulate the bed s temperatures, ensuring that you have a dry and well ventilated bed. It is thus crucial that you check the pros and cons of each of the available fillings for the quilted bedspread.

  • The warmth rate

You will find quilts with different warmth rates, form those that are good for use in warmer months to those that are perfect for use in cooler days. Generally, it is advisable to buy a quilt that is breathable, easy to wash and that keeps you cool during the night. This factor can however also be affected by the level of insulation in your bedroom.

  • The Stitching and patterns

Make sure that the stitching is well in place, as the aim for this is to keep the filling intact to avoid it moving from place to place. The stitching is also mostly very decorative, creating either geometric or floral patterns. These should be considered with the taste you have with beddings or bedroom d cor. The colors should also be considered. Great colors will complement the look of the whole bedroom as well as the bed.

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