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Mattress Express is a locally owned business. It deals with mattresses and has every conceivable sort of mattress to suit every possible pocket. Sleep is their business and the fact that they work hard to make your sleep comfortable stands out clearly in their demeanor and approach.

When it allbegan

It all began in the year when the owner Andy, decided to jump into the fray and managed to stand tall beside the long standing gigantic businesses. He managed to do so with the personal care that he rendered

rendered to his customers. No one ever went dissatisfied. The positive response that he got from his customers prompted him to opened many more outlets- each better than the other. No other mattress store can ever dream of coming close to let alone equal his perseverance, personalized care and attention to detail. This is what makes a business stand out and invoke loyalty in its customers. As they say the proof of the pudding lies in eating it, one hadhad to actually see the unbelievably long list of customers most of them are repeat customers , to believe the reach that this store has achieved within a short span of time.

Products available

Just like the other stores, this store also has a wide variety of mattresses. The only difference is the price and the quality on offer. He offers high quality mattresses at the lowest of prices which is unthinkable- but, it s true. He does sell them at throw away prices. The collection of mattresses includes those from the economic range right up to the luxe range. These include all the best and most sought after brands which make regular mattresses to the therapeutic and the extremely luxurious ones. They have a wide variety of the latex and the memory foam mattresses. The products are all of extremely good quality and conform to high standards.

Customer speak

Most of the customers are extremely glad that they did business with mattress express. They are particularly impressed with the well informed staff that helped them chose the best possible mattress that suited their needs as well as their budget. Although there were reports of delay in delivery, the customers did not mind this as the rest of the service was impeccable and exceptionally good. They are very happy with the products purchased and have gone back with their friends and family to buy some more mattresses from the store. True to its name it has chugged its way through the choppy competitors into the hearts of its customers

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