Choosing a mattress and box spring cover Continental Sleep, 13-Inch Firm Foam Encased Eurotop
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Investing in a quality mattress is no doubt very important. One type of mattress you may consider is a mattress with box spring because of the benefit it provides.

The box spring is designed to provide support to the mattress, which makes it possible for you to find it easygetting in and out of your bed. The box spring also acts to prevent shock to the mattress, which in effect reduces wear, allowing the mattress to last long for your benefit. It is indeed true that mattresses that feature

feature box springs are very durable.

However, mattress and box spring turns out to be the most ideal location for dust mites, which cause allergy in addition to other issues. It is therefore only appropriate that you also invest in appropriate mattress cover that serves to protect your mattress from dust mites and spills among other things. There are specific factors that you need to consider when shopping for the best mattress covers.


There are three types of mattressmattress covers you can choose from.

  • Fitted cover This is designed to slide over a mattress to completely cover it. It is in most cases permanently fitted onto a mattress to offer long-lasting protection to a mattress.
  • Elastic strap cover This is a removable mattress cover that is small in size but very elastic. It is designed to simply strap the four cornets of a mattress and is removable.
  • Zipped cover This is similar to the fitted cover except that it features a zip that opens and closes to allow you remove it for washing.

All these types of covers offer the same functionality and which type to buy largely depends on your preference.


A mattress and box spring cover can be made of different materials and it is important that you choose one or several made of a material that will serve you best.

  • Cotton Mattress covers made of cotton are very common and popular. This is because cotton is a hypoallergenic material and provides sufficient protection against dust mites. It is important that you choose woven cover for best protection. Furthermore, covers made of cotton are affordable and provide for firm and dense feel on a mattress.
  • Polyester Like with covers made of cotton, covers made of polyester are also affordable. It is often common to find covers made of polyester blended with cotton or any other material for soft feel on a mattress.
  • Down cover Choose a cover made of this material if you wish to have a thick but soft and luxurious feel on your box mattress. The cover is particularly beneficial if you happen to have a box spring mattress that is hard at the top.
  • Vinyl Choose covers made of vinyl material if you happen to have bed-wetting children. Vinyl covers are also very effective in protecting against formation of mould and mildew.


A mattress and box spring cover can also have different features that you need to consider. Such include color and level of breathability among other factors.

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