An overview of heated throw blankets

Electric Throw Blanket | LoveToKnow

There are many different types of blankets available in the market. Some of them are used in less cold season while others are designed to keep the user warm enough in extremely cold weather. You may buy a blanket that meets your requirements according to the season which is around. ...

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Staying warm with the woolen blankets

Bundle Up: 15 Best Wool Blankets for Winter

During the cold winter nights and the chilly morning, nothing is satisfying as cuddling up in the couch with a good woolen blanket.  The blankets are a great addition to your household accessories. Now, when it comes to buying the blankets, you will come across different designs and patterns that ...

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Use fleece tie blankets for comfort

How to Make a Tied Fleece Blanket: 10

Fleece tie blankets are warm soft and comforting. These can be easily made by each of us. To make Fleece tie blanket you can take two fleece blankets in colors that complement each other. What you require is 1.5 or 3 yards of each fleece to help make fleece tie ...

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