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Wool has been used to keep us warm since ancient times. However, with the passage of time modification has been made in making goods of wool. Nowadays wears and accessories of wool have become very stylish. These goods perform double duty, it fulfill the requirement of both formand function. It not only keeps you warm, but also looks appealing on wear. Plaid blanket is the example of such goods.

The material has brushed nap from both the sides, so becomes cozier as compared to usual blanket. It

It is very beneficial. It keeps you warm, and also let your skin breathe. The material of plaid blanket which is flannel is very absorbent, so it absorbs your moisture.

Plaid blanket for picnic:

Plaid blankets are very useful. You can use it according to your requirements. You can also take them on a picnic. Whenever we go to a picnic, we need some essentials with us. And one of the most important things is blanket on which we cancan sit and eat. Plaid blankets can be your ideal blanket to take on a picnic. They are ideal for any type of picnic, like beach, hill etc.

Use it your way:

You can use plaid blanket in a number of ways. If you are thinking about revamping your sitting area, but you do not know what to do. Because last time you changed throw pillows. This time you can do something different. You can put a plaid blanket of complementary color to your sofa. Along with this you can change the cover of your throw pillows, and also match them with you plaid blanket and sofa. I can guarantee that this change would enhance the look of your sitting area. And everyone will praise your designing quality.

Plaid blankets can be used as bed sheets in winters as they do great job in keeping you warm. You can be a little more stylish with them, and can wear them during chilly weather. There are several ways by which you can wear plaid blankets. These can be worn as mufflers. You can also wear them as scarves. If you are going out with your friends in the end of fall when the weather gets chilly at night, you can wear a black shirt with grey jeans, and can match a plaid blanket scarf over it to you warm.

You can also make cushion covers of plaid blankets. Thus, it all depends on your usage.

Light Weight:

Plaid blankets are very light-weight. It can be carried anywhere. If you are going on a journey to the other side of country, you can easily take them within your luggage.

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