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You have a very soft, cozy and comfortable bed with a pillow that lovingly hugs your head. Yet, sleep eludes you. No matter what you do you are unable to fall asleep. Ever wondered why Have you checked your blanket lately Do you like the feel of the material

Material matters

Always check the material of the blanket before buying. It should feel soft and comfortable on your skin. It should make you want to wrap yourself with it and not yank it off Most natural fabrics feel soft

soft and comfortable. Whereas polyesters and other synthetic fibers create static charges and feel very balmy and uncomfortable. So choose natural fibers as far as possible. Blankets are available in a variety of materials like cotton, silk, jute, wool, bamboo etc blended with rayon and other material. The natural fabrics have a delicate weight that feels comfortable. The synthetic blankets are practically weightless and very uncomfortable as they keep slipping off.

The weave and count

The feel of the blanketblanket depends on the weave and the thread count . The thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of the fabric. Contrary to the belief, a greater thread count does not necessarily mean softer fabric. It depends on the material. Some cotton materials feel softer and silkier to touch with lesser counts than other material with higher counts. A closer plain weave makes the material stiffer than a flat knitted fabric.

The weighty issue

A heavy blanket makes you feel comfortable and lulls you to sleep. It enhances a feeling of security and reassurance which has a calming effect on the mind and this induces sleep. Weighted blankets are known to have beneficial effects in the case of Alzheimer s, ADHD, anxiety disorders, depression and other such conditions. The deep sleep induced by a weighted blanket is known have aided enhancement of memory.

Go natural go organic

Since harsh and harmful chemicals are not used I the manufacture or processing of organic or natural material they are always beneficial to us as well as the environment. They are breathable materials which keep you feeling comfortably warm. They do not cause allergies of account of the absence of harmful chemicals in them. The synthetic materials are not breathable. They trap the heat inside and make you feel very uncomfortable, sweaty and balmy. They also cause allergies and rashes owing to their air-tight nature and the chemicals used in processing them.

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