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Cashmere Blanket

It is a real blessing if you got to have a nice original Cashmere blanket in US without cost. It is a priceless treasure indeed. My best friend belongs to Cashmere formerly known as Kashmir, the region encompassing some parts of North India and Pakistan. The Cashmere fabric is pricelesswith no match to any other material in terms of the warmth and soft texture it gives to the wearer. Cashmere blankets a leading product of Cashmere wool, is renowned worldwide for its rich and superior qualities. Cashmere blankets possess

possess unending features in terms of pattern, fabric, design and quality.

Features of cashmere wool

Since the region of Cashmere is subject to weather adversities in winters Cashmere was initially designed to produce insulating fiber to cater clothing needs of cold regions. The popularity of Cashmere shawls sky rocket in the following years and later on Cashmere blankets grabbed the attention of massive.

Cost of cashmere blankets and shawls

Cashmere shawls and Cashmere blankets are matchless in terms of quality.quality. The rarity of manufacturing techniques and expensive processing makes it even more costly. You may find Cashmere products relatively cheaper in pertinent areas but after export the prices increases manifold ranging from - on average. However synthetic materials are also available which gives an apparent look of original Cashmere but lacks the premium quality features. You can browse thousands of designs, patterns and colors in synthetically cashmere like products. These products are ideal for those people who can t afford to buy the real Cashmere.

Breeding of Cashmere goats

With the industrialization of Cashmere products Cashmere goats are bred and raised up to obtain wool from the soft undercoat of goats. The fiber especially from the neck region of goats is used for manufacturing clothes and other textile products. Spring is the peak season for the collection of Cashmere since in this season goats naturally shed off their coarse hair. A relatively painful process for goats involved the removal of hairs with the help of coarse comb. Some vegans are strongly against these techniques . The fibers undergo various processes of dyeing and sorting before transforming into final and finished product. However raw fiber is also used in some products. Nepal, Kashmir and Mongolia are known for years in breeding and producing Cashmere. Jamawar and paisley patterned shawls are demanded all over the world especially US. Same prints and patterns are equally demanded in Cashmere blankets.

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