An effective guide for taking care of your blankets & bed sheets

How to Wash Bed Comforters in 5 Steps

Because the instructions are important

When it comes to washing blankets, the first thing that you need to know is what they say on the label. There are some kinds of blankets that cannot be machine washed, or some that need only hot water to be washed. Ifyou have a red blanket or any other dark color that will fade, reading the instructions on it will probably help you avoid that.

Once you have established that washing your blankets/bed sheets can be washed in the machine, then

then get the right cleaning product. Using your normal detergent, unless specified, could harm them or not give you the cleaning you expected. If you are washing them in an automatic machine, then a gentle spin cycle is the best suited.

Before you wash your bed sheets

Washing your bed sheets is almost like washing your clothes in the machine. However, it is best that you wash them separately from the rest of the items. If you havehave a cotton or synthetic fabric sheet, then the regular wash settings coupled together with a quality detergent is the best thing to do. Generally, the care label will let you know whether it is machine washable, and what kind of settings would be best suited. If you are washing a sheet or blanket just after someone has recovered from some illness, then using a hotter wash setting will be more hygienic.

How to ensure the best cleaning

To ensure that you get the best results while cleaning your red blanket and bed sheets, you just need to follow a few simple tips. Unlike sheets, you do not need to clean blanket as regularly. To get your bed sheets soft, you can use a fabric softener along with your detergent in the washing machine. This will help them retain their softness. You can also add some drops of vinegar in the final rinsing cycle, to both sheets and blankets.

To ensure that your red blanket or bed sheets dry easily, wash them in the summer. Additionally, soaking them before you wash will help you get the best results. With these simple tips, you will be able to save on dry cleaning costs, add longevity to your blankets and bed sheets and keep them looking fresh for longer. All it takes is a little bit of care with some smart tips and effort to get the best results.

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