All you need to know about getting the most from your chenille blanket

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What is chenille

Chenille is a special kind of yarn made by taking a pile , which is two short lengths of yarn placed together, in core yarns and then twisting this together. This gives chenille its characteristic look and the softness that it is most used for. Chenilleyarn, majorly made using cotton, can also be made from olefin, acrylic and rayon. Chenille is used for quilting many different yarns and finishing, and is a great fabric for making blankets. If you are searching for a soft and

and warm blanket that provides you the absolute comfort and looks great at the same time, then chenille blanket is where your search ends.

The benefits of using a chenille blanket

As previously stated, chenille is one of the softest fabrics that you will find, which makes it an ideal choice for making blankets. Chenille blankets and quits can also be made at home, thus giving you a great and productive DIY project with wonderful results. Chenille hashas been in use for quilting and making blankets since the th century, and has seen several improvements until now. The special chenille effect , as it is called, is what comes by ragging of its seams, is used by quilters to give it a country look . You can geta chenille blanket in many different patterns in colors, thus giving you a large variety in terms of designs and style.

A problem that comes with chenille yarn is in its tufts, which can get loose and thus leave the bare fabric. However, this can be easily resolved through the use of a low-melt nylon in the yarn s core, and then steaming/autoclaving the yarn s hanks for setting the pile in place.

Taking care of your chenille blanket

It is advised that instead of machine washing, you dry clean chenille blankets. The first point of information for ensuring the best results is to check the care label and see what it suggests, if you have not made your chenille blanket on your own. Most readymade products have all the requisite care information given on them. If it says that you can machine wash or wash it using only cold water, then sticking to that will help you avoid damage.

Thus, with these simple things that will not really take a lot of effort, you should be able to make the most of your chenille blanket and get maximum comfort and warmth from it.

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