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When it comes to having bedspreads, there are many options to choose from which can suit the needs of many sleepers. The most common options are coverlets, comforters and quilts. There are also matelasse bedspreads which are quickly gaining many people s attention.

What is Matelasse Bedspread

The matelasseis actually a stitching technique that yields patterns similar t those woven from quilts. These patterns thus make the matelasse bedspread appear padded, like the quilt but it actually isn t. This technique is achieved by hand stitching, machine weaving

weaving or by use of the jacquard loom. The resulting work is a heavy piece of bedspread. This bedspread is attractive as well as durable, making it a must have to those wishing to add warmth to their bed.

Matelasse Coverlet

This one is differs from the bedspread only in size. The bedspread is supposed to go all the way to near the floor, while the coverlet just covers the mattress and the spring box. The matelasse coverlet will thusthus have the same stitching technique used in matelasse bedspreads with the raised and quilted look.

The patterns made are mostly of nature, such as leaves and tendrils. There are also other geometric shapes such as rectangular or square, with the diamond being most popular. Depending with the expertise of the weaver, you can have an intricately designed matelasse bedspread that incorporates one or two of these patterns.

They also come in many various colors, with the white being the most popular. Choosing the best color will of course depend on the available colors in your bedroom. The colors of the bedspread are most often matched with those of the pillow cases. You can thus choose to buy the bedspread in sets to have the whole look put together nicely.

Most people site comfort and luxury as part of the necessary prerequisites the matelasse bedspread should meet. The pricing is also something to consider, as it should match what the bedspread is touted for.

The quality of the bedspread is also another factor most people consider. If you get a high quality matelasse bedspread, it should you last you many years to come, proving to be a good investment in the long run. Judging from what most people say about this type of bedding, it is very likely that it meets most of what people expect it to. Different brand names will offer the bedspread in different colors and patterns, which you will not miss to find when you browse online for a good bedspread.

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