Advantages of purchasing a flannel duvet cover

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Red Flannel Duvet Cover

Duvet covers have mainly two uses. First, they are used as covering to protect your duvets from getting damaged or stained. Second, they are decorative. Since most duvets are designed to be plain in both style and color, duvet covers make up for this plainness and are usually decoratively styledand designed according to different preferences.

What is Flannel

Flannel is a woven fabric that is often woven and comes in different types of fineness. It is made out of either cotton, wool or synthetic fiber. It is widely

widely used in clothing, different types of bed sheets and coverings, blankets, sleepwear and also as a material for duvets and duvet covers. It has been in use since the th century and its origins can be traced back to Wales, specifically in the old Welsh plains where cotton is known to be a domestic textile product. In those times, flannel was worn by most farmers to help protect them from the cold during winter time and other harsh elements.elements. It was in the th century when flannel became more than just a fabric used for clothes. It was then that flannel fabrics became popular materials used for making blankets, pillowcases, bed sheets, other types of bedding, duvets and duvet covers.

Why a Flannel Duvet Cover

A flannel duvet cover is generally warmer than your usual duvet covers made out of other materials. It is mostly used during colder nights especially during those days that lead to winter. It is more practical to use during such times compared to an ordinary comforter or a layer of bed sheets since it is warmer and you ll only need one in order to keep you cozy at night. A flannel duvet cover also adds insulation to your duvets which makes your duvets even warmer and cozier. Flannel duvet covers are also generally softer compared to those made out of other materials.

Flannel Care

A flannel duvet cover is easy to maintain and care for. They can be washed easily in your washer or dryer as long as they fit in. However, it is advised that fabric softeners should not be used in washing flannel since it stiffens the fabric instead. If your flannel duvet cover is new, you should add a / cup of vinegar during its first wash. This helps set the fabric s color and also helps reduce pilling problems.

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