Advantages & disadvantages of queen memory foam mattress

Spa Sensations Memory Foam Mattress Review
spa sensations memory foam mattress

Memory foam is polyutherane material that has added chemicals meant to enhance its density and viscosity. Mattresses made of memory foam therefore turn out to be dense than mattresses made of other materials. A queen memory foam mattress is designed in the same size that fits a queen bed, whichis inches in width by inches in length.

The main characteristic of a memory foam mattress is the fact that it molds to take the shape of your body. This is its reaction to heat produced by your body and

and the pressure that your body exerts on the mattress. Just in the same way that it molds, it also returns to its original shape immediately you move away.


The first advantage of queen memory foam mattress is obviously its size. The inches by inches size is enough to accommodate two and at times even up to three people depending on circumstances.

The other advantage that a memory foam mattress provides has to do with weight distribution. Unlike anyany other type of mattress, a memory foam mattress distributes weight of your body evenly, allowing you to wake up without feeling any fatigue on any part of your body.

The fact that this type of mattress is made of foam makes it one of the most comfortable types of mattresses that you can find in the market. This applies even if it is of the highest density. The high level of comfort is made possible because the mattress softens on receiving heat from your body, making it possible for your joints and lines to rest without any pressure.


The fact that memory foam mattress molds once it receives body heat means that it retains some heat, which may cause sleep problems in warm weather such us during summer.

Memory foam mattresses tend to produce chemical odor when new, which can cause sleeping problems. This can however be addressed by airing the mattress in the open for several hours.


A number of safety concerns have been raised on use of memory foam mattresses. For instance, the fact that it molds on receiving body heat makes it risky to place a baby on. This is so because the area around where a baby sleeps is bound to soften to increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome SIDS .

Chemical emissions that memory foam mattresses produce can easily cause respiratory problems. Furthermore, the risk of hosting dust mite flee is always high with memory foam mattresses compared to any other type of mattress.

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