Add a divine touch to your home with white throw blanket

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One of the most common accessories for furnishing home is white throw blankets. Apart from their functionality, they also add a certain warmth and colour to the interiors of the room. They are very light in weight, can be easily draped and are amazing holiday and housewarming gifts as well.If you believe that a white throw blanket can be difficult to work with, maybe it s time to think again. There are a number of ways in which you can do it to make sure that they don t

t look sloppy.

Let us have a look at some of the most ways in which you can use them.

For Protecting the Cushion of Seat Chairs

One of the most unique ways to use a white throw blanket is by using them as a protective barrier on cushion of seat chairs. If you have a bright colored seat chair, white throw blanket will look highly attractive and will add a certain spark to the interiors of the room. However,However, if you have kids or pets, it is not recommended that you should use them for protecting cushions as their white built with get dirty.

As Headboard Throw

You can also place a throw blanket over upholstered headboard to add a new look to the room. To make sure that the blanket stays in place, you can make use of a Velcro layer. The soft blanket on top of the soft upholstered headboard will make your bed look unique and attractive.

Attractive Back for Cushions

If you are looking to a neutral hue to your colourful chair, you can make use of white throw blanket. You can use one or two blankets, fold them lengthwise and this drape the chair with it. To keep it in place, simply tuck the remaining part below the cushion. This is specially recommended if you have bright red, blue, yellow or other multi-colored cushions.

Casual Cascade

If you have high-back chairs, you can drape the blanket on the left or right side of the chairs back. It doesn t really matters how it falls, by just draping it on the back, it will do the job of adding a cozy and warm look to the room. You can also go for a throw blanked that has fringed edges as it will end up looking warm and soft near the leg of the chair.

Now that you know many different ways in which you can use white throw blankets, buy them as soon as possible and use them in the above mentioned styles to further enhance the appeal of your home.

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