A memory foam mattress buying guide

If you are tired of feeling bad getting up in the morning and want to change the situation drastically, there is a perfect option for you. Buy a new mattress. Make sure you choose the proper one. If you surf the Internet, you ll notice how popular memory foam mattressesare. There are several reasons for that. The most important one is the positive effect of such mattresses on your sleeping and consequently health.

In order to find the mattress that will suit you, you should know what you are

are looking for. There are several features that make the selection process easier. Have a look at them.

Foam Density

The density of the mattress has an effect on its durability. The right density will guarantee that a mattress serves for more than years. High-quality mattresses have - lb density foams.

Foam ILD

The indentation load deflection should vary from to . If you analyse the range of products in the market of memory foam mattresses, you ll notice thatthat most mattresses rate between and ILD. The best foam mattresses have multiple layers. This makes them even more comfortable.


Though many mattress companies claim that all mattresses are from Canada or USA, most of these products are from other countries. You can t be sure that products from other countries are tested for the number of chemicals in the mattress. In order to avoid negative consequences, try to buy items you need from the companies that have a good reputation.


As it has already been stated, a memory foam mattress should meet standards for testing of foam for chemicals. The right mattress shouldn t contain ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, etc.


If you ve found a nice company where you want to buy a mattress, try it out. Lie down. Don t hesitate to lie there for several minutes. You should feel comfortable. Ask the consultant about the composition of the mattress and its size. Make you sure there is an eco foam.

A memory foam mattress is a mattress that saves the health of thousands of people around the world. It s not too firm or too soft. There are different sizes of such mattresses. It may be made from different foams. When choosing one, make sure you check its composition. There shouldn t be any dangerous components. You should also try it out. This is the only way to check whether the mattress suits your sleeping habits.

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