3 ways to accentuate home décor using a green blanket

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It is all about smart d cor. A single well-chosen element can change the look of the entire room. Be it a small piece of furniture, a dash of bright color, or new wallpaper, cleverly adding and manipulating elements is a common trick in the design trade, and a goodone too Here is a tip- think green when you are redecorating. Green symbolizes life and vitality. A pop of green can add a vibrant feel to a demure theme, while richer tones can add elegance. Green is the perfect

perfect color to achieve an understated effect it can be bold but does not become overwhelming. Choose an accessory as versatile as a blanket in green and explore the endless possibilities. Here are a few ways in which we can add a green blanket to accentuate the overall appearance of a room where you live.

Gaiety in Green

Most of us derive a feeling of happiness, peace and contentment from the color green. A white-themed living room can be livenedlivened up by draping lime toned green blankets on armrests and cushions of sofas and couches. Large glazed walls and white and grey bedroom furniture can be brightened up by a blanket in a lime green tone pulled halfway to the top of the bed to achieve a fresh and airy effect.

Olive Opulence

Another captivating hue, olive green, can be paired with browns to give a classic vintage look. Olive toned green blankets with a soft and velvety texture can be a perfect addition to grey colored silk bedding and chestnut hued furniture. The blanket can also be folded length-wise and draped at the end of the bed, or hung over a rectangular headboard. Furthermore, the blanket works as a wonderful addition to grey or neutral colored couches in master bedrooms.

Verdant Vibrancy

A mix of shades of green can be used to make a bold statement in a minimalist-themed room. A vibrant green blanket with multiple hues can add a touch of excitement to white couches and neutral upholstery. A large living room can be decorated with more than one blanket in different shades of green, alternately positioned on sofas. Leaf green, emerald and teal are the colors to look for. If you have an ottoman, drape a folded green blanket a little towards the side, and use it as a coffee table

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